Bigg Boss house will face the real test of relationships on the Nomination Special
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  • November 7, 2016
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The game is getting, bigger, better and badder. We mean it! Monday on Bigg Boss means the daunting task of nomination looms upon the housemates. The Immunity Medallion task that has swung in a new tale of drama on this season isn’t the only twist you will witness tonight.


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In the garden area on a throne, the nominated contestants receive a special call from none other than Bigg Boss. And what happens next is not even remotely expected by the contestants. They get an opportunity to save themselves from their nominations being carried further. However, they must carry out the task assigned to them by Bigg Boss in order to be safe. 

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Rohan gets the task of asking Karan to shred off the image he received from his home on the occasion of Karva Chauth .

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Mona gets the task to convince Manu to cut the doll that came as Diwali gift from his home, in such a way that nothing can be salvaged of it.

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Gaurav can save Bani if Bani can successfully see to it that he bleaches his eyebrows completely, as asked by Bigg Boss.

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Well, you got to do something to play safe.  This nomination special tonight will see what stands stronger in this house, the competition or the relations? And let’s see who can smoothly accomplish their mission. Get ready for some solid tashan on Bigg Boss tonight at 10.30PM!

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