Bigg Boss10: The challengers get the first task for the ‘Lock down’ luxury budget task
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  • November 15, 2016
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The Luxury Budget task has seen the house being divided into two teams. Rohan and Monlisa are heading the two teams. 


PIC 75


Bigg Boss announces the first task for the two teams and it's sweeter than you would think. We kid you not! Even though there is competition, Bigg Boss always loves to spread some sweetness amongst the contestants, in this own style. This task will see two challengers hog their way to some sweetness.

PIC 61


A bowl of 25 rasgullas each, one challenger from each team and some insane appetite for desserts are going to be the ingredients needed to win this challenge. The two who will compete tonight for this challenge will be Rahul and Manu. 

PIC 64


PIC 62


PIC 63


PIC 65


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PIC 67


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Gobble, Slurp and Chase a Win! Let's find out who has the sweet tusk, tonight at 10.30PM only on Bigg Boss 10!

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