COLORS’ Characters That Re-Define Womanhood
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The women characters of your favourite channel, COLORS have some way or the other influenced and encouraged number of women in various manners. The shows having varieties, not only have good storylines, but have put across some or the other message through each character especially that of a woman.

We bring some of such traits of our characters which have made them truly admirable. These characters define in real how women should be. 




Devanshi is a strong character who has been through a lot in her life and yet she adheres to her morals and fights for the good of the people. She is an inspiration for all the women out there, to stand up for what they believe in and never succumb to the negatives.




Saumya is a transgender. Her whole life she has been subject to wrongdoings by others who always try to pull her down and treat her like an outcast, but she never repays  wrong by unfair means rather treats everyone with the same kindness. It takes courage to be delicate in a world that can sometimes be cruel.




Thapki is a woman who despite her speech problem, for which she has been ridiculed manier times in life, manages to go ahead and stay true to herself. She has the ability to forgive anyone who did wrong to her. As a character, Thapki encourages all the women to be themselves, accept their flaws and go after what they want with all the determination they can muster.


Sharda, Meghana and Naina


The three important characters from ‘Ék Shringaar Swabhimaan’ believe in taking a stand against all odds of the society. They believe in proving that women are no less to achieve and avail things they truly deserve. They focus in emphasising that any woman can achieve milestones in life and are equally capable like men.




A character that is extremely mature and wise. Has seen a lot since the childhood and an evil practice such as – bonded child labour, that she has endured herself. Being from a small village she wants to dream high and wants to cast off all such evils from the society and release people from various kinds of sufferings. She believes in having the rights one deserves, and fights for the same.




Tanuja is a woman of a strong character who knows how to love unconditionally, she knows to carry off herself in the face of adversity, and her ability to protect the ones she cares for all the while. Making big sacrifices for others happiness is something this world needs more of.


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