Daddaji to perform Beera’s last rites!
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Don't worry, Beera is not going to be bumped off in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha-2. This is what is goint to transpire in the show. In a shocking twist, Beera got married to Navika in front of the whole family, shocking Mohan and Daddaji in equal measure. What effect this will have on Beera’s plan to get revenge against Navika and Mohan remains to be seen. But what is obvious is that Daddaji is furious about his own grandson turning his back on him.

To show his anger towards Beera, Daddaji will conduct his ‘shraadh’ or last rites, to signify that he considers his grandson dead. This move will show how much hatred Daddaji has for Beera after he backed out of his plan to humiliate Navika and married her instead. After this move, Daddaji will break all ties with his grandson, and disown Beera for siding with the enemy. Daddaji was planning on making Beera his successor after he pulled off his plan at the wedding successfully. But now that Munna has turned the plan on its head, Daddaji has no intention of handing over all his illegal businesses to Beera, who he considers a traitor. 

And to make this decision official, Daddaji, along with his cronies, will conduct the last rites of Beera. Ragini, who is torn between her brother and grandfather, will obviously be upset over having to see her brother’s last rites. On the other hand, Munna, who was the mastermind behind the failure of Beera’s plan, will be the happiest as his motive of taking over Daddaji’s business will be fulfilled. 

With Daddaji disowning Beera, will Munna gain more power in his quest against Mohan? Or will Beera manage to convince Daddaji with another plan up his sleeve?

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