Desho’s NRI dream for Bani #Weekly Update – 18th Mar to 25nd Mar
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In the first week we got familiar with the story of Bani – Ishq Da Kalma and the stories of its characters. We saw a lady dressed in bridal costume waiting at the station. When the train arrives she runs behind looking for her husband but falls down. Watch as Harshdeep Kaur narrates the story of Rano with this emotional song.

Bani and Rajji, cousins by relation, have a cycle race to reach the chabeel area. Here it is revealed that the families of the two have separated over personal differences and Rajji and Bani are not allowed to talk. A simple fight over seva puts a strain on both the families and Beeji cries to get her family closer. Watch as Bani’s family is introduced in this video.

Bani and Rajji are seen discussing their family issues wherein Bani promises to sort everything for the two families. When Bani starts defending Rajji’s family, Desho gets irritated and narrates how because of them their family is suffering from financial crisis. Watch as Desho discusses past issues with Bani.

Next day Beeji packed off her things and moved to Rajji’s house. It is revealed how every month Beeji lives with one brother a time. The two families go for the sports event being held in the village. In the bull race event Sohum makes an entry and wins the competition. While celebrating his victory he stares at Bani and fantasizes about marrying her soon. Watch as Sohum expresses his desire to marry Bani.

Bani’s friend Sukhi returns from Canada and all neighbouring families go to meet her. While she shows her happy pictures from abroad, Desho cries over her family’s fate and decides to marry Bani to a rich NRI. At the same time, Rano remembers the time when she was married to Balbeerji and all the promises he made before leaving her back. Watch as Bani and Rano’s fate is explained in this video.

Rajji’s elder brother breaks Happy’s toy and Bani is seen consoling him. She tries to fix the toy but Rajji tells her to better ask Sohum for help. When Bani goes to him, he behaves rudely with her but is ready to mend the toy. Watch as Bani and Sohum hesitate to become friends.

Next day, Sohum applies for visa for Canada as he believes this way Bani’s family wouldn’t reject his proposal and he would be able to safeguard her future from fake NRIs. At the same time, Desho talks to Sukhi’s mother about Bani’s marriage and wishes to see her daughter settled abroad. Watch this entire sequence right here!

Rajji comes to know how Bani’s mother is looking for a NRI groom and informs her own mother about it. She requests her mother to stop this before Bani’s future is harmed and Sohum overhears this conversation. Watch as Rajji tries to help Sohum indirectly.

What will Sohum do to save Bani’s future and will his visa get approved before Bani’s marriage is fixed? Keep watching this space to know more updates!

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