Devanshi Finds A Way To Expose Kusum Sundari
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Previously on the show, Vardhan surprised Devanshi by taking her to the place where she was born. He cleaned up the place and fixed everything to prove how much he loves her. She thanked him for bringing back old memories and they shared an adorable moment together.

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After seeing Kusum giving vibhuti to a man, Ishwar plans to expose her with the help of Devanshi and show everyone that this is all just a trick and Kusum is fooling them. Kusum asked her servant to deliver the cash to Kattadhari and kill him if he tried to oppose her. She thought this would knock some sense into Devanshi.

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Devanshi and Vardhan came across a street magician called Shikhar and thought that this might be a way to expose Kusum for who she really is. When the baraati’s arrived at their doorstep, Kusum came and put on her act to make everyone believe that she Maiyya resides in her and is speaking to her. She then pretended to faint. After going back to her room she said that Devanshi cannot do anything and that she is always one step ahead of her. She planned for all the food to be sent beforehand and tricked everyone into believing it was magic.

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Devanshi and Ishwar discussed that they are having no luck in exposing Kusum Sundari and that they need to combat magic with magic to be successful. Devanshi told Ishwar that she knows someone who might be able to help them, the magician she came across earlier called Shikhar.

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In the coming episodes, we will see Devanshi getting an upper hand on Kusum to expose her magic tricks.


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