Did this jodi get jinxed?
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  • August 18, 2012
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A solid 30 for six consecutive weeks, a neck injury and suddenly from top scorers to one of the lowest. A lot has happened with Isha and Salman’s jodi on Jhalak. After her performance with Cornel last week, everybody missed the spark that Salman and Isha bring on the stage with each performance. 

This week in the Jodi special episode even after Salman’s comeback they barely barely managed to score 24 for her performance dedicated to Karisma Kapoor and Govinda’s super-hit Jodi. 

The duo brought a unique concoction of Bollywood, Locking, Hip-hop, robotics and b-boying. Salman’s choreography had the making of a blockbuster performance – however, the overall package could not make the cut. While giving their comments on the performance, the judges felt lack of confidence in Isha which they guessed could be because of Salman’s ill-health. 

Well, let past be past, we wish Isha and Salman all the best!

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