Diwali glamour brightens up Bigg Boss housemates!
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  • November 14, 2012
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Diwali fervour sets foot in the house as the contestants wake up to the song ‘Happy Diwali’. Sana starts her day by telling Sapna and Mink that how she had always been very fond of getting married ever since she was a kid, while the others make fun of her.

The contestants finish their luxury budget task of painting diyas. Urvashi being the captain is sitting and observing the other team painting diyas, and she slyly slips two in her pocket and hands them over to Vishal, who is also her team member.

As the day passes, Rajev continues flirting with Delnaaz while Urvashi tells her that it is always Delnaaz who motivates and gives Rajev a chance to flirt. Soon, all the contestants start receiving gifts from their family and a special dinner from Bigg Boss on the eve of Diwali. Delnaaz breaks down since no one from her family has sent her any gifts and vents out in front of Aashka. Rajev breaks down too and starts missing his family. Just then he receives a gift from his designer friend – Riyaz Ganji. 

As the housemates win luxury budget, Sana and Vishal are given a specific amount of time to go and pick up goods not exceeding a specific amount. The two end up picking up more and hence Bigg Boss cancels their luxury budget. Knowing that they will be deprived of luxury goods this week, Vrajesh, Niketan and Mink taunt Sana. Unable to bear the taunts, Sana goes to the girl’s room and breaks down. 

Rajev is seen talking to Niketan and Aashka separately about how he still wants Delnaaz back. He says that it was just a few months back that Delnaaz called him up to say that there is life ahead after a divorce but now she just does not bother. Both Niketan and Aashka ask him to move on just the way Delnaaz has. 

As the sun sets, the housemates get dressed and are decked up to celebrate Diwali in full vigour. When they step out in the garden area, they are delighted to see how it has been specially decorated for Diwali. Soon, the celebrations in the Bigg Boss house begin as the contestants get together to do a Lakshmi Puja and burst crackers and wish Diwali to all the ex-contestants on camera.

As the day ends, Aashka talks to Delnaaz on the basis of her conversation with Rajev that for a man to move on at 40 is easier than a woman at 40 and that Delnaaz should rethink about her and Rajev’s relationship. To this Delnaaz says that the divorce was mutual and that both of them have maturely thought over it and have in fact moved on in life.

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