Do you think Saavi will keep Karwachauth fast for Nityam ? – Tap to know more
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Vedika convinces Saavi to stay back in Dalmia house and Saavi promises Vedika that she will give one chance to Nityam and their wedding but will also make sure that her self-respect is not affected in the process. Saavi comes back to Nityam and takes a stand for herself saying that she will not leave the house and if Nityam has any problem with Saavi, then he should go and speak Vedika about ending the wedding. Nityam is speechless and says that for Vedika’s sake they will continue with the charade of staying under the same roof.

Later in the Dalmia house, Saavi struggles to keep herself warm because of the AC and she ends up sleeping in the wardrobe. Next day morning, Nityam sees Saavi sleeping in the wardrobe and leaves from there and later Vedika calls Saavi to have tea with her and tells Nityam to take Saavi out for shopping as it is Karwachauth the next day and Saavi would be needing new clothes. Goyals are all calling out for Saavi for multiple reasons and Nutan realizes that Saavi is now married, and we show the struggles of the family to meet their basic necessities since Saavi is not there now. Nityam stops the car on the road, hands over Saavi some cash and tells her to shop and reach home as he isn’t interested in taking her out for shopping.

 In the Goyal House, Sonam tells Saavi that she ruined her life while Nutan packs Saavi’s bag which she wanted to carry to Dalmia house and we end the episode on Ratna seeing wad of cash in Saavi’s purse and telling Saavi later to give them some cash and Saavi looks doubtful.

On the other hand, Vedika gives Saavi her Sargi ka thaal mentioning that it is Saavi’s choice to keep the fast or not. Later in the night, Nityam sees flashes of his father committing suicide and he is restless when Saavi tries calming him down and dozes off to sleep. When Saavi wakes up in the morning, she notices her hand on Nitayms’s and she quickly pulls her hands back. Later, when Vedika sees Sargi ka thaal untouched, she learns that Saavi has decided to not fast, and she accepts this fact and tells Girdhar to serve Saavi her breakfast and lunch on time.

Catch the episode to know if Saavi will keep Karwachauth fast for Nityam and how the week unfolds ?

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