‘Duets Challenge’ Highlights – Saturday Episode
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Saturday evening episode of Rising Star was fantabulous and exciting like never before! The first episode of the round not just clearly proved that a singer should not deviate the slightest from the focus anymore, but also that even though one may be a brilliant singer, he/she would have to be at par with the chosen partner for the duets challenge round in order to be able to sustain oneself and the other for further rounds on the show.


This clearly meant that the pressure and tension were really high, especially when few singers didn’t get along too well with each other, but they actually got paired.


Basically, the round would have two lowest scorer pairs having a face- off in the end. The duet that scores the least in the end would have both the singers in the pair saying good bye to the show, whereas the opposite pair would have both the singers being declared safe.


This is what happened on Saturday –


Bannet and Afsana  – They sang ‘Áinvayi Ainvayi’ so well that that they scored 89% of total votes. Being the first performers they were asked to sit on the red chair.




Ameya  and Maithili – The outstanding duo sang ‘Badal Ghumad’, stunning everyone around! They received whopping 94% of votes in total. Even they were asked to sit on the red chair until they could beat someone coming next.


Humsufi and Shreyasi – This unique pair presented ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’, although they were good they could receive only 75% of votes. This made them replace Ameya and Maithili from the red chair, declaring them safe.

Nikita and Jidnesh – Jidnesh and Nikita gave their best singing ‘Gerua’, in the end they received 86% of votes.  Due to this, they replaced Bannet and Afsana from the red chair, making them safe.

Face-off between Humsufi- Shreyasi and Nikita-Jidnesh was quite interesting in the end!  The former pair presented first and could receive 82% of votes singing ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’, while the latter surpassed them by singing better and receiving in total 89% of votes.

This way Shreyasi and Humsufi band lost the competition and had to say a good bye to Rising Star.

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