First rift between Bhoomi and Kishan on the cards!
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Bhoomi and Kishan have had quite the ideal marriage till now. Regardless of their families’ opposition, the newly married couple has had full faith in each other, and they have spent the first few days of their marriage falling more in love. But all of that is set to change, as Kishan and Bhoomi are set to have their first fight!

Bhoomi has made a place in everyone’s hearts by helping the family in every problem with her presence of mind. Ansu Baa’s respect for Bhoomi increased ten-fold when Bhoomi also rescued the shirts from Paddy’s order from being destroyed. But all the goodwill that Bhoomi has earned will go down the drain when the family finds out that it was Bhoomi who had requested Paddy to give the order to Kishan. During a video chat with the entire Vaishnav family, Nani will inadvertently reveal that Paddy gave the order to Kishan only on Bhoomi’s request. This will go against the principles of the Vaishnav family, who pride themselves on their self respect. 

But that will be the least of Bhoomi’s concerns as Kishan, who was very happy about getting the order on his own merit, will fume over his own wife slighting his self-respect by asking Paddy for a favour. Being the dutiful husband that he is, he will not make his disappointment evident, but his hurt will be known to Bhoomi, who will try to make up for her mistake.

Bhoomi had been struggling to tell the truth to Kishan, but always backed out at the last moment for fear of upsetting him. This will go against Bhoomi as Kishan is of the opinion that there should be no secrets between husband and wife. Needless to say, Ketki will pounce at the opportunity to tarnish Bhoomi’s image and add fuel to the fire raging against Bhoomi.

Well, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and Bhoomi’s good intentions will certainly land her in trouble with Kishan. Whether she manages to use her presence of mind to make up with her husband, will be interesting to watch!

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