Five things Arjun Kapoor did as the host on Khatron Ke Khiladi 7 that we absolutely loved!
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Even before the show began, there were a lot of speculation about why Arjun Kapoor? We even saw Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan, Parineeti Chopra and Anil Kapoor indulge in some Arjun-bashing, but in a good spirit! Untill we all saw what Arjun Kapoor actually did!

What a warm-up sirji!

As a warm up to season seven, Arjun Kapoor set the tone of the show as a challenging, yet full of fun. He joked with the contestants and made them feel at ease before they all head for action. Host ho to aisa!

Peeda pe Keeda !
A few masti-mazak seconds later, he did what he was there for, but, in style! He ensured contestants were at ease before attempting any stunt and as they cool down, he introduced his Keeda! Yeah, every task was not just be a task, it had a Keeda-ful twist to it too!
You can do it!
Although, all acts were performed under expert's supervision, he constantly gave tips to all the contestants on how to go about doing the task and what would be the easier way to attempt it, thus constantly motivated them.
The right balance!
A true host is someone who leads by example. Arjun Kapoor not only motivated contestants or made their attempt at stunts difficult by a notch, but also went ahead and performed the task, when someone failed. We also saw him being strict when contestants did not follow the instructions!

Talk to my hand!
Arjun's personal camera- Talk to my hand, gave us all a fun peek-a-book into him motivating contestants personally. There was more to the show with Arjun Kapoor around than just stunts and boy we loved it!


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