Five Things That We Expect Irfan Khan To Reveal On The Anupam Kher Show
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It will be the power house performer Irrfan Khan on the heat seat on The Anupam Kher show this week. Yes,  he is a ‘Khan’ but very different from the other three Khans of Bollywood that movie buffs often relate to. At 48, he is somber as well as stylish and His serious demeanor has been quite a few times misinterpreted for arrogance . known not only in Bollywood but Hollywood as well irfan khan has definitely come a long way. one of the most sought after actors at present, hear this versatile actor reveal his unconventional side only on the show.

In a rendez vous with Anupam Kher, Irfan will reveal  some of the lesser known  facts about his acting career and the ups and downs he has gone through in life so far. 

So here is the list of things you can expect from watching irfan khan on with Anupam Kher show. 

His childhood days– Irrfan is likely to reveal about his family lineage and his childhood days. He was a vegetarian when he was a kid and was called a ‘Brahmin’ by his father who was born in a Pathan household. He spent his early years going on hunting expedition s with his father but never killed one single animal 

Being an introvert– Irrfan will open up about why he has been such an introvert since his childhood days and the instances during which people thought him to be rude and arrogant. Hear him also reveal why he wasn't good at striking a conversion with new people.

Entering the National School of Drama and eventually Bollywood– It was not an easy journey for Irrfan to get into NSD. When he had planned to enroll into the institute at the age of 19, he lost his father thereby taking on the responsibility of the entire household. , Hear him also talk about how he fulfilled his dream into enrolling the drama school and getting his first break in movies.

Films that changed his life– Irrfan unfolds the truth about how he landed career alteringmovies. namesake and Paan Singh Tomar are few such movies that have had  a huge impact on his career and have helped stir his career path. 

His ‘Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Moment’ – Like all the other celebs on the show, we also expect Irrfan Khan to reveal his Kuch bhi Ho Sakta Hai moment. What could it be? His role in slumdog millionaire or is it something else? To know, don’t forget to tune in to the show Sunday at 8PM.

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