Gaurav gets irked by Bani’s behaviour on Bigg Boss 10!
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Another rift in the Bani- Gaurav friendship?






Tonight, Bani, the taxi driver of BB Taxi Stand Task, asks Gaurav if he would give her all the money that he has. Gaurav gets irritated by this and snaps at her. He reminds that he has always helped her in crisis.


PIC 18


PIC 19


Bani doesn’t allow him to speak and starts explaining her statement but this further irks Gaurav and he starts to lose his patience. Bani is also irritated by now and just walks off without hearing him out.


PIC 16


Misunderstandings increase…


PIC 22


PIC 23


This leads to another tiff between the two and Bani ends up saying, ‘Convenience ki dosti rakhte hai bhai sab ghar ke andar!’


What’s going on between these two ‘once upon a time’ buddies of Bigg Boss 10? Will these petty misunderstandings lead to a permanent rift in their friendship? Or will they see through these rough patches and continue to support each other as before?


For all this and a lot more, tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM!
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