Gayatri forces Kishan to leave the country: Sanskaar Weekly Recap 1st-7th March
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Last week we saw Bhoomi defying her tyrannical mother to confess her love for Prem. But her courage was met with heartbreak as Kishan told her that he had no time for love in his life. He also wanted to leave Bhoomi’s house but was stopped by Nani. The next day, Kishan had to pay the price for Bhoomi’s love as Gayatri not only fired him from the job but also cancelled his work permit, leaving him with only 36 hours to leave the US (Watch as Gayatri breaks the news to Kishan)

Inspite of his difficulties, Kishan sent 15 lakhs home for Bharti’s wedding, which made Parul worry about Kishan’s struggles to arrange the money. In the US, Bhoomi was furious when she found out what Gayatri had done, and berated her mother for being cruel to Kishan just because he was an Indian (Watch the mother-daughter confrontation here)

Kishan, with Shaukat’s help, was trying his best to figure out a way to stay back in the US. Bhoomi tried calling him and after rejecting her call, he finally answered and asked her to forget about him (Watch the conversation here)

In Keshavgarh, During Bharti’s haldi ceremony, her mother-in-law accidentally overheard Lily bua talking to herself about the fake jewellery being given to Bharti, and stole a bangle from the collection to get it checked. At the same time, Dilip discovered the real necklace in Ketki’s drawer, and decided to investigate. 

Kishan asked for help from all quarters, but none of his friends could help him at such a short notice, leaving him distraught about not being able to fulfil his promise to Ansubaa. 

Bhoomi was still in shock over her mother’s plot to destroy Kishan’s life, but swore that she would help Kishan in any way possible (Click here to watch Bhoomi’s resolution)

Bharti’s wedding day dawned, but it brought humiliation for the Vaishnav family as the groom didn’t arrive. Instead, his mother insulted the family for cheating them with fake jewellery, and called off the wedding. (Watch the dramatic scene here)

Ansubaa, hurt by the accusations leveled on her family, reprimanded Parul for her irresponsibility, and took away the keys of the house from her. (Watch the emotional scene here)

Kishan came to Bhoomi’s house to collect his belongings, and despite Bhoomi’s pleas of not giving up hope, he told her that he had no option but to leave the country.

Though Kishan has given up hope, Bhoomi has decided to help Kishan stay back. Will she succeed in her mission? Or will Kishan have to return home as a failure?

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