Get ready to be WOW-ed by the top five on JDJ9
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After strenuous preparations for weeks, the JDJ9 contestants have made it to the top 5. I goes without saying that the battle from here on has grown bigger. The fight for the trophy starts now in the real sense. 5 magnificent performers get together on one stage to claim their win.
Tonight on JDJ9, the wow factor will screened through in the acts by the judges. 






The adorable duo of Swasti and Preetjot, who have been winning several hearts over the weeks, ever since their entry will take onto a new role tonight. Swasti adorns herself as a cop and Preetjot the theif, we leave you to imagine the entertainment factor of this act. And yes, handcuffs are involved here too.






Salman Yusuff Khan's prop for the day will be the highlight of his act. A rocking performance on 'Bulleya' with his stunning choreographer Aishwarya, is going to stun you and how!




Teriya Magar, the tigress who made a return in the Wild Card relay has set the stage ablaze since that day. She has been marking her territory as a fierce performer with a never- back- down attitude. Today, she attempts a similar prop-stunt that she did suring her robotic act and was voted out. Watch, this rising star hit a 10 on 10 for that stunt tonight.






Shantanu Maheshwari has tons of stories to tell about his JDJ9 journey, because he has seen and achieved some amazing highs on this show with his each act. The concepts in his act always take the lead and today too, a 3 story structure will be his canvas to dance upon. A highly action oriented and energetic act by Shantanu will thrill you to the fullest. 







The versatile Siddharth Nigam will make a bold attempt with his trampoline act. Looks like he is all set to touch new heights of brilliance on JDJ9 tonight.

Tune into JDJ9 to catch all these wonderful acts.

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