Get ready to witness a great divide between the Celebrities on Bigg Boss
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It well may be almost the end of week three and our contestants seem to be going strong. However there is no backing down from the fact that there is always a flow of game play. This season has already upped its mark with the ‘Indiawale v/s Celebrities factor.’ But now we are also going to witness a rift in the celebrities' team too. Does half and half make the cake any sweeter? We think not!

PIC 12


Bani and Gaurav catch a chat in the luggage room about the situation of their team. Bani says to Gaurav that the way things are going, it’s pretty clear that Lopa, Rohan and Rahul are one team and Gaurav, Bani and Karan the other. Very soon clashes can be expected between the two teams.

PIC 23


PIC 25


We wonder where will Mona go? Will she stand by with her team or drift more strongly towards the Indiawale? And.. if she is in her team which side would she choose?


PIC 33


Looks like the big triangle of the celebrities will soon be split into two. That being said, we can assure the level of entertainment is still going to be perpendicular!
Bigg Boss is teaching us geometry in his style! Watch tonight at 10.30PM!

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