How will Kunal’s endless wait get over? Weekly Recap 22 Jan- 29 Jan
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Last week, the nurse tells Kunal to rewind all the cheerful moments that he and Siddhi have spent together to revive her. Listening to her Kunal calls up Gaurav and asks him to read out few pages from his personal diary. After much hesitation, Gaurav starts reading out about some of the most romantic moments in the diary.

Next day doctors inform Kunal that Siddhi’s condition is becoming critical and they will have to carry out a complex surgery. He is asked to sign an undertaking but Kunal refuses to sign. After Raj’s insistence, he completes the formalities. 

Doctors tell Kunal that Siddhi is out of danger and that will gain consciousness in sometime. Listening to this Kunal bursts into tears. He tells Siddhi that he had never been so scared in his life and would never let her go anywhere. Watch the video!

Soon the hospital authorities shock Kunal with a medical bill of 8 Lakh rupees. In order to arrange for the amount, he goes to the court searching for work. Mukherjee Babu, a lawyer, tells Kunal that a firm is looking for him and they want him to fight their case. Kunal takes up the offer immediately.

Kunal wins the case and gets an offer from the company to be their legal advisor. He accepts the offer but puts two conditions. He demands 8 Lac in advance and Mukherjee Babu to be his ally. Company agrees to both the conditions.

In the hospital after Siddhi’s bandages are removed, she goes into the washroom and feels extremely disturbed to see her face. Apprehensions fill her head with doubts thinking about Kunal’s reaction and she decides not to show her face to Kunal ever. 

Knowing that her family was coming to meet her Siddhi gets scared and puts the bandage back on her face and lies to Veena. As Veena leaves, Siddhi instructs the staff not to allow anyone, to meet her, not even her family. So, when Kunal comes, nurses give him the message but he decides to wait. After waiting for almost the entire day, Kunal asks the nurses if Siddhi’s bandage were removed. Nurses tell him that not only her bandages were removed, but Siddhi also met the family and had home-cooked food today. 

Next day, Kunal gets the advance money credited into his account. On the other hand, Gaurav is seen struggling hard to arrange for the amount but nobody turns up for his help. Just then his lawyer calls him and asks for money. Gaurav pleads and asks for some more time. 

When Kunal reaches home, Veena tells him that Siddhi’s bandage hasn’t been removed. He rushes to the hospital to meet her but Siddhi refuses to meet him. 

Now that they have come together finally, to which extent will Siddhi go to avoid showing her face to Kunal? How will Kunal react to her injuries? Let’s see where destiny takes the two.


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