I have too many award parties pending, says Samir Soni
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Well, the fact that Samir Soni is a brilliant actor is without question. And the number of awards that he has been notching up is just a testimony to that fact. We quizzed him on winning the popular award for Best Actor (for Parichay, of course) at the Indian Television Academy Awards


Q: Congratulations on your win, Samir. Does the excitement of awards fade away with time or you are just as happy after winning this time?

Samir Soni: Thanks a lot. Everytime you win an award, it's a great feeling. This was a popular award so it carries great meaining for me. My loyalty is towards my fans and I work very hard to make them happy. So this award feels good. But I would have been happier if the show would have won.


Q: As you said, this is a Popular Award. Is it more important, since it comes from your fans?

Samir: Yes, of course. I'm glad that people love the show. After winning the award, many of my fans have congratulated me on mails and messages. I am very happy for the fans as they think of my winning as a personal victory for them. So I'm just motivated to keep working harder for their happiness.


Q: You have won a considerable number of awards. So is a new closet under construction for all your trophies?

Samir: (laughs) No, no! I like getting awards but I don't sit and admire them. After the award ceremonies, you go back and slog the next day. So tomorrow's another day, you can't rest on your laurels. But my parents and wife are really excited about all my awards. And if these awards give happiness to the people who matter to me, I'm happy!


Q: Have you celebrated this win with a party or an outing?

Samir: Where is the time to party? Everytime I win an award, my friends ask me for a celebration. And I always reply, “We'll definitely party when I have the time.” But abhi waqt mila nahi hai. My friends remind me, “Now the count of pending parties is what..4? or 5?” I guess ill get time to party only when the show ends.


Q:Do these awards mean added pressure to perform?

Samir: I have a very negative way of looking at things. Even when things are going great, I think about how better they can be. I know it's not a very healthy way of looking at things but even after achieving something, I'm not satisfied. I know the show has potential, and I'm sure that we will reach that potential. I will keep working towards that.


Q.: So what's happening on the show front? Are Kunal and Siddhi finally coming together?

Samir: (laughs) I'm really the wrong person to talk about it. All I can say is that the younger audience wants Siddhi and Kunal together all the time whereas the older generation would complain about all the romance all the time. So we're trying to find a balance in the show. But to know about the twists and turns coming up ahead, guess you will have to watch the show!


Q: Thank you Samir and congratulations once again.

Samir: Thanks a lot. My pleasure!

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