Ichcha and Veer reunite! Weekly Update – 10th Jan to 16th Jan
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The week began with Divya, Damini and Ichcha reminiscing about the time spent with Tapasya and how each of them is missing her. Divya then breaks down and confesses about meeting her daughter in the mall and rues about the fact that Jogi Thakur will never accept her back. Watch their conversation in this video.

Bundela family goes to the temple for puja and at the same time even Ichcha is present there. While Veer is performing the rituals he sees Ichcha’s silhouette and gets flashback of how she killed Avinash and saved his life. He finally remembers everything and blames Gunwanti for hiding Ichcha from him. Watch as Veer confronts Gunwanti about his past. 

In college, Vishnu comes to pick up Meethi and one of her friends, Shraddha, realizes that she has met Vishnu before and informs Mukta about the same. Later, Shraddha calls Mukta and narrates her one-off meeting with Vishnu and reveals that his actual name is Akash Chatterjee and he’s very dangerous. Mukta requests her to meet in hostel but by the time she reaches there, Shraddha gets killed! Watch here to know who killed Sharaddha.

Mukta believes that it is Vishnu who is behind Shraddha’s death and shares this with Kanha and Surabhi. Both contemplate on talking to Ichcha about it but when they see her preparing for the wedding, decide to first talk to the police. Watch this sequence right here.

Tapasya urges Veer to bring Ichcha back to the Bundela House but he feels bad about leaving Amla. It is shown that Amla overhears this conversation and promises Veer that she will stay away and will be more than happy to let Ichcha come back. Gunwanti objects to this but Veer doesn’t listen and goes to Thakur haveli to meet Ichcha. Watch as Veer sets to bring his Ichcha back.

Once Veer reaches Thakur haveli, everyone is shocked to see him. He then addresses Ichcha by her name and explains how he now remembers everything. Everyone have tears in their eyes as Ichcha and Veer hug each other. Watch Veer and Ichcha’s reunion in this video.

He confesses how this one person made it possible for him to get back with his beloved wife and without her help their life would be ruined forever. He then reveals the person to be Tapasya and we see her standing at the door. Everyone requests her to come in but she waits for Jogi’s approval. He finally relents and the Thakur family becomes one again! Watch as Tapasya returns home to her family in this video.

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