Imam and animals leave their cages!
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  • November 20, 2012
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Imam is finally seen leaving the Bigg Boss house after a lot of hue and cry. The next morning Aashka is seen telling Nirahua how she has never seen anybody behave like Imam, discussing what went wrong with him. 

Simultaneously, the morning in the modern house started on a note of positivity, as Rajev apologizes to Karishma for shouting at her the day before and the two hug and make up. Niketan is then seen instigating Rajev against Vishal and while the two are talking, Rajev mentions how he is regretting his shouting match with Mink and Karishma. The three of them eventually patch up. 

As the day passes, Rajev is seen discussing Vishal’s complacent behavior with Urvashi and Urvashi comments saying that Delnaz should instead talk to him since he listens to Delnaz better. Rajev and Vishal are seen continuing their argument about how Vishal was the only one who didn’t do much in the task throughout the evening. Also as a part of the task, Sapna tries escaping the cage while Delnaz manages to catch her. After this, Urvashi is seen giving a task to all the animals to give a performance in their cage. While Urvashi is taking care of the animals outside, Rajev and Delnaz are cooking inside when Rajev tells Delnaz that she has all the chances of being a captain this week which Delnaaz ignores.

In the rural house, Bigg Boss talks to Aashka and asks her if she is fine post Imam’s exit. She tells Bigg Boss that her stay in the house has been fruitful since she thinks she is a changed person now and thanks Bigg Boss for the experience. Later, Aashka and Nirahua receive their first task of making cow-dung cakes. As an appreciation, the two will be able to watch the feed of the modern house on their TV screens if they complete their task with perfection.

In the modern house, Urvashi and Vishal are seen conversing where Urvashi re-iterates that Vishal is the only one complaining, else no one else has anything to say. She complains that more than it being a task for the animals, it is a task for the shikaris. She later tells Rajev that they now need to put on a check on animals when Vrajesh calls her in-human and says that she can’t be so crude. 

In the evening, Bigg Boss announces an additional task for the animals to impress Urvashi in lieu of a reward and all the animals perform antics to impress Urvashi. As the day ends, all the animals are seen planning to get out of the cage and early in the morning at 4 AM, they manage to escape their cages and win the task. 

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