Imam fights back!
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  • January 3, 2013
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Imam Siddique has surely been a pure entertainer in the eyes of many since the day he entered the Bigg Boss house. Last night, Imam was kidnapped by Bigg Boss when he was in the store room after his brawl with Rajev over some food. Imam was more than happy to be secluded in a separate room and watch the others housemates live from there.

Imam was a keen observer and watched every move of the housemates till Bigg Boss cut off the live stream. Once Imam was left with nothing to do, he displayed a rather creative side. He sketched remarkably with a spoon to draw on the wooden frames in the room. Imam was quite remarkable with his artwork. After sometime, when Bigg Boss spoke to Imam on his preparation to reenter the house, Imam broke down and said that he is fed up and wants to return back home.

Imam went on about how Rajev tested his patience by abusing his family and that his tolerance level has reached a saturation point. Imam insisted on getting evicted and not face any of the housemates again as he confessed that if not him, his family would take care of Rajev once he is out of the house.

In sometime, Bigg Boss spoke to Imam and explained that he needs to fight back in a non-violent manner. Imam agreed and re-entered the house in sometime via the same store room that he was kidnapped from! Imam's re-entry left the housemates shell shocked and how!

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