Imam the shoe-shine boy!
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  • December 26, 2012
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Imam's behavior in the house has put-off every housemate except Sana who considers him to be a nice man. Just when the two were bonding in the kitchen, Sana bought about the  topic of high school studies which got Imam talking about how he had never attended high school or college and that he walked out of home after 10th standard because he refused to complete his higher studies. When Sana inquired about his survival is when he opened up about how he would polish shoes of his fellow school mates and sell ink removers and collect money each day. His earning started ever since he was 12 and soon he ventured out on his own in a city like Mumbai. He also boasted about having survival instinct to overcome any condition. After whatever Imam has seen in his life, his stay in the house with his co-contestants needs no explanation. We hope just like Sana, the other contestants too understand the other side of Imam and soon make peace with his behavior.

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