Imarti’s husband returns- Kairee:26th-30th November Weekly review
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This week, too, Ashok Shrivastav's entry created earthquakes in Imarti Niwas.

Ambi, the ever dutiful bahu, went to visit Ashok and demanded to know why he deserted Imarti and his sons. Andif he was happy with the desertion, why did he observe 'karwa-chauth'? Angry at Ashok's silence, Ambi was just about to leave when Ashok revealed that he had abandoned Imarti because of money troubles and gotten married a second time. Ambi, convinced by his guilt, promised him that she would bring him back home to his family. Ashok was overwhelmed and thanked his daughter-in-law for her gesture.


On the other hand, Prakash tried to catch Sweety who was fooling people by selling fake rings. But she escaped his clutches and Prakash had to go back home. Srichand gave the happy news that Vibha had won the case against Sanjay. Ambi returned and the whole family did the aarti together where Ambi prayed that Ashok would come back. Ambi broached the topic of Ashok coming back in front of Sajni and Kusum but both of them silenced her by saying that Imarti would never change. Back at Ashok's place, Sweety and Sunny both insulted Suman and refused to attend the pooja. Ambi, after getting a call from Suman, lied to Imarti about visiting her mother and left to visit Ashok.

Ambi met Ashok and Suman, after which they went to Ashok's place and created a drama to convince Sunny to live in Imarti Niwas. Anuj saw the baby pictures and assured Ambi that even though he didn't get a father's love, he would give all the love to their baby. Anuj gifted Ambi a gold necklace for Diwali, and Imarti, on noticing it, taunted Ambi about it. But undeterred, Ambi hinted about Ashok's return via a made up Ramayan story. But unfortunately, when Ambi asked Imarti about accepting Ashok, she got really angry and slapped Ambi!

Imarti dragged Ambi out and berated her in front of the whole family about taking her husband's name on such an auspicious day. After this drama, everyone asked Ambi not to mention Ashok ever. Anuj, too, apologized to Imarti, who warned that the next time she spoke about him, she would be out of her house. Ashok was asked to leave his rented house and Sunny suggested that they go to Imarti Niwas. When Suman called, Kusum asked her not to call again. Ashok landed up at Imarti Niwas during the Ramayan palkhi. 

Sunny was in the mood to forcefully enter Imarti Niwas but Ashok apologized and asked to be taken back. When Imarti found out that they had been thrown out of their house, she taunted him that he had asked for mercy only when he had no place to stay. Prakash and Sunny had a scuffle about coming in the house, which angered Ashok and he challenged that he would be inside the house within the next 24 hours. They set up their luggage in front of the house and the neighbours recognized them. Ambi and Anuj consoled Imarti about the situation. But as soon as Ambi got out, she called Ashok to tell him that she had left some food at the door. Anuj heard the conversation and snatched the phone from her.



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