Is Akash in love with Meethi?
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  • April 26, 2013
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Akash with very careful planning had trapped Meethi in his love game and all this he did for his beloved mother Maiyya. But in recent episodes we observed  a change in his behaviour. Is he softening towards Meethi?

When Akash heard the news of Ichcha's death he assumed that the revenge is complete and was ready to free Meethi. But Maiyya had other plans and against Akash's wishes she made Meethi dance on her mother's death! Then when Nirbhay tried to kill her, Akash realised he had enough and managed to save his wife. But all this raised one question, is this the beginning of a new love story? 

Well, it does look like Akash has had a change of heart and if that's the case then we are happy that Meethi has found another well wisher! But will Maiyya be able to digest this? Will she be okay with her favorite son mixing with the enemy? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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