Is Sapna changing?
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  • October 31, 2012
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With the introduction of the Rajneeti task, it seems that the housemates are ready to do whatever it takes to win it. While on one hand, Sana is seen speaking with Sapna about taking this task as just a game and not to take it to heart, on the other hand, someone from Urvashi's party is trying to bribe Sapna to join them. Taking offence on this, Sapna is seen telling Sana about the bribe and says that she fears that she is changing inside the house. She says she is taking this task seriously, as she feels the house is changing her as a person and she might let go off her principles when she is in the house.

Sapna is one housemates who has stood by her principles no matter what. She is seen voicing her opinions loud and clear for the entire world to hear. And to see her voicing her fears, is truly a surprise! 

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