Jagya to fall in love with another Balika Vadhu!
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Shashank Vyas, a.k.a Jagya is all set to romance yet another pretty lady. In the current track of the show, the new Balika Vadhu, Ganga, played by popular actress Sriti Jha, runs away from her husband's house. Jagya, who cares for her and has expressed his concern time and again, will save her.

In a candid chat with colors.in.com, Shashank spoke about his leading ladies, his on-screen chemistry and his counterpart, Shiv. Read on…

How difficult has it been for you to develop and onscreen chemistry with three different actresses in the same show?
 It has been fantastic as an actor. More the merrier! All the three different actresses have had their graph of characters. To develop chemistry is not difficult. It's a gradual process and a spontaneous progression when you know the depth of your character. I have played a lover, lost lover, a husband and of course a doctor. I have got to show my sentiments too in Jagya. The Devdas phase was loved by masses and classes.

How would you describe each of your leading ladies?
Pratyusha- She is spontaneous
Anjum- She was firm and articulate
Sriti- She is a sensitive actress

Tell us about your working experience with Sriti Jha…

She is a good actress. The scenes together are turning out fine. The feedback is good. The chemistry is surely being appreciated with passage of time. We gel well and it translates well on-screen.

Now that Shiv has married the original Balika Vadhu, do you think his character’s popularity is a threat for you?
It's a daily soap which tells a story. There is enough space for everyone. Jagya was the character of the show and it is still very much there. Shiv has his own character graph. In TV soaps when audience loves a character it loves a character. Audience can surely love two characters simultaneously. There is no comparison between Jagya and Shiv's popularity. Both are integral part of the story.

Well said Shashank! We are now even more excited to see how Jagya and Ganga come closer in the upcoming episodes. Who would you want to interview from the show next? Post your questions and let us know!




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