Jai finds new troubles and new friends: Sanskaar Weekly Review 21st-25th Jan
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The week on Sanskaar was filled with drama and high emotional quotient. Jai met quite a few roadblocks in his quest to re-build the mill. Let’s take a look.

At the international airport, Jai bid an emotional farewell to his family, especially his mother, who couldn’t bear to be parted with her ‘dikra’. Jai made her smile and he left with memories of his family.

Back home, while the whole family was at dinner, Parul (Jai’s mother) was missing Jai so Ansu Baa apologized to her for sending Jai away and the saas-bahu consoled each other.

On one hand, while Parul was worrying about Jai, he reached US but received a less than happy welcome as his bag was chosen for searching. The security officers destroyed all the food and laddoos that Jai’s family had packed, leaving him heart-broken.

Jai calls his mother as soon as he gets a cab, and they talk to their hearts’ content. On his mothers’ insistence, Jai goes to a Krishna mandir where he meets Urmila Patel, aka Ummi, who is happy to meet an Indian.

But when Jai comes out and hails a cab, a girl drives off in his cab with his handbag. Jai chases her and ends up in the New York Fashion office, where Bhoomi has gone with his bag. This is the office where he is supposed to join but the Editor warns Jai that he will not be allowed to join if he doesn’t get his documents within 3 days. He narrowly missed running into Bhoomi, who was still contemplating what to do with Jai’s bag.

In Keshavgarh, Hasmukh met the man who was plotting against the Vaishnavs and promised him that the mill won’t be rebuilt.

When Hasmukh comes back, a police officer arrives and shocks the family by telling them that the mill was burned down on purpose. After this shocking news, the family called Jai, and he had no option but to lie to them that all was well with him.

Jai’s troubles showed no signs of ending as the couple that he was supposed to stay with refused to let him stay as he was an Indian. All the other houses in the neighbourhood, too, refused him accommodation, forcing him to sleep on a park bench for the night.

Just as he was being roughed up by the police, he was saved by an Indian, Shaukat, who assured the police that they were friends. Jai went to Shaukat’s place for the night after Shaukat’s assurance that he could stay as long as he needed to.

On the other hand, Bhoomi dropped Jai’s passport in her room in her rush. Jai and Shaukat went to Central Park where Shaukat worked as a petty cab driver. Jai insisted that he would work alongside Shaukat till he got a job.

But co-incidentally, he met Urmila in the park, who suggested that he should announce his problem on an Indian FM channel.

In the Vaishnav house, Ansu Baa refused to stop her donations to the orphanage, insisting that it was their duty regardless of their financial problems.

Bhoomi sat in Jai’s cab but they had a fight over her stole getting stuck in the wheels, but Jai managed to calm her down.

Jai and Bhoomi have had many hits and misses in New York. With Jai’s patience wearing thin, the next week will tell us if this desi chhora manages to get his job back on track in the US.


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