Judges face the toughest decision yet!
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  • December 8, 2012
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The battle for the SurKshetra crown is heating up between contestants of both the countries. With just one finalist chair to be filled, and many candidates, Saturday's episode will see a battle of epic proportions not just between the young singers, but also between the judges!

The theme of the episode is 'Famous non-filmy songs'. In keeping with this theme, the contestants will have to sing famous non-filmy songs from the opposite side of the border. And in the end, the fight is between Nabeel Shaukat Ali from Pakistan and Diljaan from India, both of whom have performed brilliantly till now. But the dilemma is this-2 contenders and just 1 finalist chair. Since both Diljaan and Nabeel are excellent singers, the jury will have an uphill task ahead of them. Atif feels that Diljaan is a niche singer who is only comfortable with rustic songs while Nabeel is an all-rounder. This obviously does not go down well with Himesh who rushes to defend Diljaan. 

But inspite of all these opinions, the jury will be divided over whom to choose for the final and will have a hard time making their choice.So much so, that the Captain and Runa Laila will stage a walk out over the battle of music! We can only imagine what the two contenders, Nabeel and Diljaan go through this whole situation. 

But the battle of music between the two countries was never going to be an easy one. Tough decisions have to be made. And to know whom the judges chose, wait for the Satuday episode!

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