Kapil’s family tries to get in the Bigg Boss house
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  • September 15, 2013
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  • 7:50 pm

Salman Khan will have some uncalled guests on the premiere night of Bigg Boss saath-7 and it is none other than Kapil and his crazy family. 

Dadi, Bua, Gutthi, Palak and Kapil will try to gate crash Bigg Boss’s house tonight at the premiere of the show. Dadi as usual will try and flirt with the dabangg Khan on the show and her final motive being putting her lipstick mark on Salman’s cheek. Bua will obviously be there to fix her ‘shaadi’ with the most handsome man on the celluloid and on the TV screen. Gutthi will have everyone in splits with her trademark style of introduction and our very own Kapil will try  not being embarrassed by his crazy family members and their histrionics. 

Premiere night of the biggest reality show on TV combined with crazy comedy of Kapil and his family makes for  truly a grand and entertaining night.


Catch Bigg Boss Saath-7 at 9 pm…. DO NOT MISS IT!!! 

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