Khushi to be thrown out in a high-voltage drama!
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Since the time Khushi became the surrogate mother for Simar and Prem's child, she is feeling invincible. After blackmailing Simar about hurting her unborn child, she has gotten her to do everything for her. She has also convinced her to give her the 50 acres of land that Mataji gave Simar for her child's future.

If you are appalled by all of Khushi's actions, we have some good news for you. Khushi will soon be exposed in front of the whole family. And the most important part is, that this will happen at her own birthday party! 

You must know that Khushi reminded Veeru that it was her birthday and that the whole Bhardwaj family is also planning a huge birthday bash for the pregnant Khushi. And now that Khushi has had her way with Simar and also gotten Roli to delete all the evidence against her. And in the glory of her supposed victory, Khushi will be seen enjoying her birthday party to the fullest. 

But in a case of 'Bhagwaan ke ghar der hai lekin andher nahi', it will be at this very party that everyone present will come to know of all of Khushi's misdeeds. Prem is already aware of Khushi's truth as he chanced upon the pen drive that had Khushi's audio confession. Inspite of knowing, Prem cannot do much as Simar has asked him to be silent for the sake of their child. 

But at the party, Sankalp will grab the said pen drive to play some music to liven up the party. And it is then that Khushi's audio confession will blare from the speakers, leaving her with no chance to defend herself.

And finally, knowing Khushi's real avatar now, Mataji will slap her youngest bahu, Khushi. Phew! That slap was a long time due we guess. Not just that, Mataji will also ask for the police to be called and Khushi being thrown in jail for whatever she has done to the Bhardwaj family.

We're sure that you will heave a sigh of relief when this happens. But Khushi will beg for forgiveness from the entire family at the party. Now it'll be interesting to watch if she is forgiven, considering that she is pregnant, or the Bhardwaj family will get rid of her once and for all!

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