Kishan gets a home, but no job in sight! Weekly Recap: 1st-7th Feb
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After Jaikishan’s arrest, he had to face rough interrogation by the police as he had no passport to show. Thankfully, his passport was found by Bhoomi, who tried looking for him everywhere. Finally she landed up at Shaukat’s door where she was told that Kishan and Shaukat were in jail. Back home, Kishan’s mother was worried as she thought something was wrong with him and she couldn’t get through to him.

Bhoomi finally rescued Shaukat and Kishan by showing the passport to the police. Kishan was still upset over the incident but when Bhoomi suggested going back to India, he refused, saying that his family’s hopes were pinned on him. But it was not the end of troubles as Shaukat’s landlord refused to let Kishan stay in his house after his arrest.

Just as the two guys were worried about what to do next, Urmila came to talk to Jai, and took him home, much to Bhoomi’s surprise.

Back home, Ansu Baa sacrificed her last piece of jewellery for Bharti’s wedding but Ketki hijacked the necklace on the pretext of getting it remade.

While showing Kishan around, Bhoomi told him about the strict rules of the house and warned him not to open the door at night. There was tension at Vaishnav house when Dilip told Karsan about Hasmukh meeting Amrutlal and this lead to a confrontation.

Bharti’s wedding was still a source of worry, and while Ansu Baa didn’t reveal this to Kishan, Parul told Kishan that the wedding expenses were getting difficult to bear. After assuring Parul that he would take care of them, Kishan got ready to go to office. Bhoomi offered to drop Kishan, but when he asked her about the mystery woman playing the piano the previous night, she dodged the question. At the New York Fashion magazine office, Suzy didn’t allow Kishan to meet Gayatri, as he was two days late in submitting his documents.

After getting his passport, Kishan is out of trouble and has also landed up in office. With Kishan and Bhoomi poised for another meeting, looks like it’s going to be an interesting week for him.


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