Kya hoga nayi khushiyon se Parichay? Weekly Recap 13th Feb- 19th Feb
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Last week, after much discussion over Gaurav’s case, Siddhi and Kunal find out that the firm that has filed a case against Gaurav who is also involved in the fraud. Kunal challenges the firm and there is an out of court settlement. The company withdraws the case and Kunal resigns.

Kunal meets his family outside and gives the good news. Sensing something unusual, Siddhi takes Kunal for a walk and asks him if he has resigned. This surprises Kunal and he thanks Siddhi for knowing him so well. Thinking about their sons, Raj and Veena get happy and emotional too.

Later in the day, Siddhi and Kunal share a romantic moment while fixing the bulb of the room when   a mysterious person tells someone over the phone that they have to find out where Siddhi is!

Next morning, Siddhi and Kunal share another romantic moment when Siddhi tries to detangle her anklet stuck in Kunal’s Pajama.  Raj tells everyone that they should find a new job for Kunal when they come to know about his resignation from Mukherjee Babu. An anonymous person once again is heard telling someone on the phone that they have found out about Siddhi. 

While the family is discussing about various job options for Kunal, he and Siddhi come out and admit that he has resigned. Kunal  tells everyone that he plans to open up a law firm in partnership with his life partner, Siddhi!

The mystery man finally reaches up to Siddhi’s doorsteps and hands Siddhi a cheque of five lakh rupees. Click to know why? . Anand comes and tells Siddhi that they have won a maths Olympiad and the finals will be in Singapore for which they require to submit five lakh rupees. Siddhi calls up Kunal and tells him about the Olympiad and Kunal says he will get the money.  So, Siddhi decides to give her cheque to Gaurav.

Kunal and Seema plan a Valentine’s surprise for Siddhi. He tells her that he has arranged for the money so that Anand and Andy can go to Singapore. Kunal goes out to shop for the kids and gets a call that he will not be getting five lakh but just one lakh for the case.

Kunal comes home and sees the kids having fun with their friends and rest of the family also participating in the games.  He tells Siddhi about the miscommunication that took place regarding the money. Siddhi tells the truth to the kids and they feel disappointed. Kunal feels guilty and terrible for not being able to fulfil the promise he had made to his kids.

Just when everything was falling into place, another problem has challenged Kunal and Siddhi. Will they be able to face this challenge with each other’s support?  Or will Kunal take up drinking once again? What do you think?

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