Laado fans define craziness
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We all love our actors and in order to show our love some of us do the craziest things which even leave the actors overwhelmed. Every actor has an interesting fan story to tell, almost all of them receive dozens of letters and emails from their loved ones professing their admiration towards them.

Our TV actors are no less; they also have a huge fan following considering they make an appearance on our TV sets every day. Vasihnavi Dhanraj and Yash Dasgupta, better known as Jhanvi and Karan from Na Aana is Des Laado, have also had instances when their fans have shown their love in a unique manner. They shared some of their stories with us.

Yash’s good boy image has earned him immense popularity among young girls and made him witness to his name being shouted in malls and public places by young belles. But according to him, the most touching story happened in Goa when a fan of his did something out of the blue. “I was in Goa along with my gang and we went to this nice place to eat and party. We all were having a good time and when eventually we called for the bill the waiter informed us that the couple sitting on this other table has already paid the bill. I was speechless.” Aww! Yash is one lucky guy we say.

In Vaishnavi’s case we were expecting some male fan to send her love letters or tattoo her name on his body but turns out her craziest fan is a girl! Yes, you read that right. When we asked Vaishnavi to share the details with us she said, “This girl from Kanpur especially came all the way to Mumbai to meet me. I made sure I removed time for her and then she told me of how she found my phone number online and she used to send me messages everyday and send gifts to my place. It was the sweetest thing to happen to me.” We asked if there have been instances where fans have crossed a line and turned dangerous and she confessed that she has been stalked many a times by boys in an attempt to find out where she lives.

Some of these fan stories just prove the popularity of TV actors and on the other hand puts pressure on them to keep their fans entertained all the time. Let’s hope they can manage this!

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