Love and friendship put to a turbulent test in the house of Dil, Dimaag and Dum
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Get ready for a fresh wave of drama in the BIGG BOSS house! In this episode, the housemates navigate the complexity of relationships and explosive confrontations steal the spotlight. Lovebirds Isha and Samarth find themselves in the eye of a brewing storm, triggered by a trivial kitchen duty. Samarth, pushed to his limits, impulsively shatters the utensil Isha is holding, escalating the tension.

Threatening a breakup, Isha confronts Samarth, leaving their relationship on the edge of a cliff. Later that night amidst this turmoil, Samarth’s rival, Abhishek Kumar intervenes and tries to console a teary-eyed Samarth. The two share a light-hearted moment, pondering over Isha’s charm that captures everyone’s attention. Is Isha and Samarth’s love bound to fade or will it stay strong, overcoming the challenges on the way in this game of Dil, Dimaag aur Dum?

Not only love but also friendship faces a turbulent test. In an unexpected twist, Mannara Chopra and Munawar Faruqui, longtime allies within the BIGG BOSS house, are in the middle of a spat that endangers their strong friendship. Despite their solid camaraderie, a recent disagreement has shaken the very foundation of their bond. Their fallout reaches a boiling point, leaving Mannara in tears, willing to leave the house. Overwhelmed, she seeks guidance from ‘BIGG BOSS’ and considers departing the show. Later, Munawar expresses the reason why he was maintaining some distance with Mannara. He states that the housemates were trying to link them up for a few days and he did not want a wrong message to go out to the viewers about his bond with Mannara. Will this quarrel weaken the bond of #Munnara?

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