Love is in the air for SurKshetra!
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SurKshetra may be a battle of singing between the Indian Surandaaz and the Pakistani Jaanbaaz, but it is also a place where two neighbours extend the hand of friendship to each other. And in keeping with this sentiment of neighbourly love, the theme for the 6th episode of SurKshetra is 'Love'.

In this episode, the 12 contestants from India and Pakistan will try to impress the judges by singing romantic tracks. But the judges are not the only ones to be impressed. Most of the young contestants have their eyes on another prize altogether. Any guesses who this prize is? It is the gorgeous host of the show, Ayesha Takia.

Now those who have seen the episodes till now will know that there is a special connect between Pakistani captain Atif and Ayesha Takia. Atif doesn't miss a single opportunity to compliment Ayesha, and Ayesha blushes with the attention. All in good faith of course. But in the 'Love' episode, Ayesha will have more attention than she can deal with as contestants from both India and Pakistan, like Budhaditya, Yashraaj and Mulazim will try their hand at impressing the gorgeous host. We're very interested in knowing how she deals with all this young male attention.

Not just that, even the judges noticed the effect Ayesha has on everyone on the show, and ribbed her good naturedly about it. Runa Laila, the judge from Bangladesh, pointed at the shaped balloons on the stage and told Ayesha,”There are a lot of hearts near your feet, please do not crush them.”

So it looks like the contestants are getting in the mood for romance, and not just in their choice of songs. With all this love in the air, we're sure that you will feel the mutual admiration when you watch the show!

To get a sneak peek into the 'Love Episode', click here!

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