Madhu gives divorce papers to RK #Madhubala, Monday, 12th August, 2013
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Madhu meets RK in the jail and tells him that she can't live a life which is filled with uncertainty.. RK tells her that he understands her state but he assures her that he will make things perfect once he is back.Madhu has only one thing in her mind is to convince him to sign the papers so for that she tries developing that hatred in his mind.

She says she is tired of being his support dealing with his problems all the time. His problems doesn't end whether its his past or  present, he keeps messing it all. She can't clean that mess anymore. RK is stunned with each word and is not ready to accept it.

She hands over the divorce papers and asks him to sign it as she can't take it anymore. RK's world turns upside down and doesn't know what to say.. He knows that can't be the reason behind asking for divorce and yells at Madhu. 

She replies saying he is right and the real reason is that she loves Sultan and can't live without him.. And she hates RK as he killed her love Sultan,


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