Maiyya celebrates Ichcha’s death #Uttaran Weekly Update – 11th Apr to 17th Apr
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The week began with Meethi’s encounter with Sankrant. She finds him fallen on the ground and when she tries to help him, he takes her name and asks her to run away. Meethi is shocked by the bizarre turn of events and runs to call Akash. Watch as Sankrant tries to warn Meethi.

Tapasya once again dreams about Ichcha and wakes up taking her name. While everyone is happy to see her conscious, Tapasya repeatedly asks for Ichcha. Family decides not to let her know about Ichcha’s demise and cover up in front of her. Watch this sequence right here.

Rathore receives information about Meethi and Akash and calls on the given number. Some lady answers the call and pretends to be Meethi but soon Rathore understands her bluff and asks her to spill the truth. Watch as Rathore reaches one step closer to Meethi.

Meethi receives Surbhi’s telegram and wonders how she found the haveli’s address. When Meethi is about to open the letter, Maiyya takes it away from her and asks her to not interfere in others’ business. Maiyya then opens the letter and is shocked to read about Ichcha’s death. Watch this entire sequence right here.

Everyone from Akash’s family gather in Maiyya’s room and question her about the telegram. Maiyya then informs about Ichcha’s death and this leaves everyone stunned. Akash calls Surbhi to confirm and comes to know that Ichcha’s ashes will not be immersed until Meethi returns. He tells his family about the same and asks Maiyya to cheer up since her enemy is dead now and they can send Meethi away. But Maiyya takes this up as an opportunity and decides to torture Ichcha’s soul. Watch her plan here.

Maiyya gives sweets and gifts to Meethi and asks her to get ready for a celebration. On enquiring, Meethi comes to know that the family is celebrating news about an old enemy and finds it odd. After dressing up she goes downstairs and shares a dance with Pavitra and Gomti. At the same time in Thakur house, everyone is gathered for Ichcha’s chautha. Watch as Meethi unknowingly dances on her mother’s death

After dancing with others, Meethi comes to take Maiyya’s blessings and begs to know the reason of the celebration. After much persistence, Maiyya tells her that her oldest enemy has died and the party is thrown for that reason.  This leaves Meethi disgusted and she leaves the party immediately. Akash is worried to see Meethi cry but Maiyya doesn’t let him go after her. In the room, Meethi asks for forgiveness from God and wonders how Akash’s family can be so cruel. Watch this sequence here.

While Meethi prays for forgiveness, Akash looks at her with amazement and feels confused about his feelings towards her. He is of the belief that Maiyya’s revenge is complete and doesn’t understand why she wants torture Meethi anymore. Watch as Akash doubts his mother’s intentions.

Meethi again finds herself at the other side of the haveli but before leaving she sees a hand coming out of the door. She rushes to open the door and the lady inside runs downstairs. Maiyya fumes at Meethi and soon it’s revealed that the lady in question is Agarth Mama’s wife. Watch as Meethi sees the dark side of Akash’s family.

Irritated with Meethi’s stunt, Agarth Mama and Nirbhay decide to teach her a lesson. Even Gomti and Pavitra join in and try to make Meethi eat mutton in the name of prashad. Meethi politely declines the offer and says she doesn’t eat meat. All try to emotionally blackmail her into eating but Akash comes and stops the drama. Watch as Akash takes Meethi’s side against his family.

Will Rathore manage to find Meethi’s whereabouts and is Akash falling for her? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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