Manish Raisinghani’s first love
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Manish Raisinghani grabbed headlines with his on unusual romantic pairing with Avika Gor, a girl less 

than half his age. Recently Siddhant, Manish's character in Sasural Simar Ka, also professed his love for her, an event that made the collective hearts of the audiences flutter. But in real life, Manish is gaga about someone else entirely. Or should we say, something else. Because Manish spends all his waking time with his first love, gadgets.

Manish is a self-confessed gadget freak. He has to get his hands on every new gadget that comes in the 

market. And the result of this is that his home is filled with gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Says 

Manish, “I love going back home to all my gadgets and games. Not only that, all my friends too love 

hanging out at my place with all my electronics.”

Manish also is a big fan of gaming, especially motion sensing gaming that allows him to move around and be fit while having fun. He doesn't differentiate between gaming devices and has tried his hands at 

everything from PSP to XBox and Playstation. He has also splurged on Kinect and loves the fact that he 

can use his body as the game controller. 

But the device closest to to his heart is not a gaming console. Manish's dream device is the MacBook Pro. “The MacBook Pro is a devive that can do wonders. I like it because I would like to do wonders,” laughs Manish.

Looks like Manish, though a grown up, is still a child at heart. We do hope that the only games he's playing are of the online variety!


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