Many obstacles later, Raja and Rani are now married!
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • January 20, 2020
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  • 1:59 pm

One obstacle after another from Asha ben and Kirtida a.k.a motti mummy, Raja Rani are finally married! While Raja’s mom is happy about this marriage and about winning over moti mummy’s wants, moti mummy, in turn, is very annoyed! Let’s find out what’s about to happen next.

Rani’s grahapravesh has happened now moti mummy in anger puts sindoor on her face. Raja being the adorable husband helps Rani to clean it. Going forward, Raja’s bua demands the house keys to be given to Rani already as she is now the badi bahu of the house. This, of course, happens on Asha’s suggestion. Asha ben in fact even challenges to take all the rights away from her one by one. How will moti mummy react to this?



Rani, on the other hand, is super nervous about everything. How will Ranji adjust to the rules of this new house? What’s her journey as a daughter-in-law going to be like? Tune in to Shubharambh from Monday to Friday at 9 pm sharp!


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