Meethi has to face Mukta’s hatred UTTARAN WEEKLY REVIEW 16th Sept TO 23rd SEP
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The week starts with Nani blaming Meethi for all that has happened in the house for the past few days. Mukta has been missing and her cellphone is also not reachable.


Meanwhile Maiyya and Agarth are plotting against Rathore, they don’t want to leave any stone unturned to keep him behind the bars. Maiyaa suggests that they should find a body that looks exactly like Nirbhay but the face should be unrecognizable. They want Kajri to recognize the body which will help them to frame Rathore.


While Meethi and Tappu were struggling to find Mukta, she returns home with an upset frame of mind. Even Nani couldn’t comfort her. On one hand Tapasya is relieved that Mukta was back home, on the other she is worried with what is going on Meethi’s mind. They both have a heartfelt conversation. Tappu assures Meethi that one day Mukta will understand her and things would be back to normal between them. As Tappu calms down Meethi, she has an argument with Mukta back at home. And it seems Mukta is not ready to forgive and forget and taunts Meethi at every incident possible.


Meethi is unable to stand the hatred offered by Mukta. While she is sobbing, Damini spots her and asks Mukta to take Meethi to the well decorated room. Both Meethi and Mukta are taken aback with this arrangement. This decorated room came as a chance for Mukta to taunt Meethi again and she calls Meethi her Vishnu’s Uttaran and claims that both of them can’t ever be happy and she has to suffer for the pain she has given to Mukta.


In a while Vishnu enters and is shocked to see the room well lit up. Meethi talks to Vishnu and tells him that their marriage is a sham and they shouldn’t take it any further. It would be the best option to go ahead and tell the truth to everyone. Vishnu replies that they should continue the charade so that no one is hurt. He cares about the family, the society more than anything else.


Gunwati and Umed come to visit their newly wed grand daughter and plead with Vishnu to shift to the Bundela house. As they want their legacy to move forward through the hands of Vishnu and Meethi.


Meethi still misses Akash. She goes to the room in which Akash stayed and hugs his kurta to relieve the moment that they have spent together as a couple. While Meethi was lost in her profound love, Mukta notices her and once again passes some rude comments. She asks Meethi that if the love between her and Akash was so undying than why she didn’t make any efforts to reconcile and sort out the differences. Meethi finally narrates the whole story to Mukta. Mukta in return confronts Meethi and recalls how she made efforts to reconcile Iccha and Veer.


The family relish some happy moments with a good news that the bail papers are ready and Rathore would be free soon. While Meethi and Vishnu were getting ready to shift their base to Bundela house, Maiyaa calls up and informs that Akash is been missing and now they have to pay for the losses Maiyaa has incurred. 


To add up to the suffering Maiyaa and Agarth have already arranged for the dead body that resembles Nirbahay and that would help them to trap Rathore and keep him in jail.


Mukta goes to meet her dad, Rathore in the police station and informs him that next morning he would be free from all the misery. In return daddy dearest tries and consoles Mukta that what was bound to happen has happened and now they can just look for ways to improve the future.


Agarth, Maiyaa and Kajri go to the police station to identify Nirbahay’s body. Kajri successfully does her job, and acts as a perfect widow. Maiyaa is happy that her plan has finally worked and now she’ll not let Rathore get his bail.


At Bundela house Meethi and Vishnu are being accommodated in the same room where Iccha and Veer used to stay. Meethi gets nostalgic and start thinking how destiny has changed everything in a matter of few moments. She thinks about Akash and prays for his well – being.

Will Meethi ever be united with Akash? Will Mukta manage to forgive Meethi? To know what happens next, keep watching this space. 

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