Meethi to put her life in danger for Akash
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  • May 9, 2013
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Akash has finally decided to not follow Maiyya’s instructions to kill Meethi and instead is trying to send her back home safely. In recent episodes it was shown that Akash realized his feelings for Meethi and he dropped the idea to kill her. He even went on to take 7 pheras with her and vowed to keep her safe from every evil.

But he knew that to keep Meethi happy he would have to let her go. He attempted to have a mock fight with her and even succeeded in putting her in a bus but things turned for the worse when Akash got bitten by a snake.

Our sources tell us that in the upcoming episodes, Meethi will put her life in danger and save Akash. Seeing that her husband is bitten by a snake, she will rush to help and take in all the poison. Both will remain unconscious till morning but later Akash will get her admitted to a hospital.

Meethi has never hesitated in showing her love and this act of hers will only prompt Akash to think more seriously about their relationship. We also that he plans to confess the truth to Meethi but on knowing how badly she has been cheated, will Meethi still love him the same way? Keep watching this space to know more updates!

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