Megha stays at Mohan’s place for Rimjhim! Na Bole Tum-2 Weekly Recap: 3rd-9th April
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Even though Megha was heartbroken about Rimjhim being Mohan’s daughter, she went to his place to care for Rimjhim, surprising Mohan. (Watch the scene here)

Megha and Mohan took care of Rimjhim, who was very happy to have her dance teacher back, and introduced Megha to Mohan, which caused an awkward moment between them. Meanwhile, Navika went to the police station to investigate who had applied for the bail of the kidnapper, but Munna saved his man from being discovered just before she could reach him. 

Megha took up the challenge of feeding Rimjhim well and started cooking in Mohan’s kitchen, triggering happy memories for both Mohan and herself. (Watch the moment here

Megha told Mohan that Guru told her everything about Rimjhim. Mohan thanked Guru for telling Megha about Rimjhim’s adopted status, not knowing that Guru had lied to Megha.  (Watch the misunderstanding here)

Jiji called Megha as she was getting worried about her, but when she heard Mohan’s voice in the background, she realized that Rimjhim is Mohan’s daughter. Meanwhile, Mohan got worried as Rimjhim’s fever shot up, but Megha consoled him and gave her the medicines to make her better. 

Munna got reprimanded by Daddaji for interfering in the bail process. Seeing his anger, Ragini was prompted to ask if he was Addu himself. (Watch the scene here)

Megha had to stay back at Mohan’s house on Rimjhim’s insistence, but the tension between the two was visible as they remembered their old days. (Watch the moment here)

While Megha was feeding Rimjhim, she spilt soup on her saree, and Rimjhim asked her to wear one of the sarees that Mohan bought for his wife on every anniversary. Megha thought that she was referring to Meera (The fictitious wife that Guru told her about) and was heartbroken, but she still wore it. 

Navika spoke her heart out to Beera about getting Megha and Mohan back together, and Beera assured her that her trust would win in the end. 

Munna cut off the electricity to Mohan’s house and came disguised as an electrician to set it right. He was angry to see Megha in Mohan’s house, and while leaving, dropped a torn picture of Addu in Mohan’s dustbin. He also overheard Mohan talking about Navika going to identify the kidnapper and decided to get rid of her. 

Mohan and Megha argued about having dinner as both of them were hungry, but in the end, both of them had their dinner together. (Watch the cute moment here)

But the calm was shattered as Megha discovered the torn pieces of Addu’s picture in the dustbin and confronted Mohan about it. Guru tried to defend Mohan but Mohan stopped him, and retorted that he didn’t want to justify himself to Megha. (Watch the confrontation here)

After staying with Mohan, will Megha realize that he hasn’t forgotten her? Or will Munna continue to threaten the Bhatnagar family’s peace? 


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