Mohan meets his ‘Chawanni’ after 12 years! Na Bole Tum Weekly Update 6th-12th March
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After Mohan suspecting that Navika was his Nanhi, this week brought a lot of emotional moments for the Bhatnagar family.

Navika’s sting operation had its repercussions as Daddaji and his goons stormed into the Awaaz India office to threaten Navika and take Beera back. But Mohan in turn warned Daddaji not to cross paths with Navika again. (Watch the powerful scene here)

Mohan tried to prove that Addu was kidnapped, and when Navika disagreed with him, he was convinced that she was his Nanhi. Mohan tried to patch things up with his ‘Chawanni’, but Navika asked him not to come back to their lives after 12 years, leaving him devastated. (Watch the emotional moment here)

Navika and Mohan both reached home shaken by their confrontation, but were comforted by their family. Beera realized the connection between Navika and Mohan and decided to do something about it. On the other hand, Ragini called Munna to Indore to help Daddaji against Mohan Bhatnagar, after which Munna called Mohan and threatened him to stop Project Talaash (Watch the interesting conversation here)

Beera, in an attempt to get closer to Navika, became a tenant at Vyas house, leading to a big fight with Navika (Watch the fight here). 

On the other hand, a drunk Mohan confessed to Guru that he felt like a failure for not finding Addu, while Guru was angry with him for drinking again. (Watch the heart-rending scene here)

Rimjhim and Megha’s relationship took a turn for the better as Rimjhim confessed to her classmates about not having a mother after Megha encouraged her to speak out. (Watch the emotional scene here)

Beera got caught by Bela Jiji as he was going through Mohan-Megha’s wedding gallery. But when she got to know of his intentions, she revealed how Mohan and Megha separated after Addu’s disappearance. 

Mohan got restless as Navika didn’t come to office after their confrontation and went to meet her when Megha was not at home. He rung the special bell that Nanhi used in her childhood to call her ‘Spiderman’, and tried justifying his actions to Navika. But she was in no mood to listen and asked him to leave. (Watch the Mohan-Navika scene here)

Beera continued his mission as he struck up a conversation with Megha, demanding to know why she thought Mohan was responsible for Addu’s disappearance. As Megha had no reply, Beera told her Mohan’s guilt might just be her perception, and not the truth. 

At this juncture, Mohan and Megha are poised to meet after 12 years. Will this meeting re-unite them? Or will Megha fail to forgive him for his mistakes?

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