Mukta’s mission incomplete! Weekly Recap 23 Jan- 29 Jan
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Last week in Uttaran was full of excitement. Iccha finally got the much deserved title of being Mrs. Veer Bundela after nineteen long years. 

After the wedding, Baba and Tapasya welcome the newly wed couple but Mai looks quite dismayed. Tej, witnesses the drama from a distance and recalls what Tapasya had told him during their first night. He understands Tapasya’s move and appreciates how she could outsmart Mai’s master plan. Click now to watch the video.

Soon after, Meethi joins her parents surprising everyone. Mai for once looks happy to see her grand-daughter but at the same time blames Iccha for hiding the truth. Veer tries to shut her up but Iccha intervenes and stops him. Watch the video now.

Everyone gets emotional about Iccha and Meethi at the Thakur house. Mukta decides to get on with her mission to reveal Vishnu’s real identity and asks Kanha to help her. Kanha snubs Mukta on her baseless doubts but Mukta retorts by asking about Vishnu’s ID proofs and goes up to Bade Papa. Just as she is about to tell everything to Bade Papa, Vishnu enters the house with all the proofs. 

While leaving the house, he tells Mukta that he knows she doubts him. Mukta looks shocked and tries to explain, but Vishnu recalls how Mukta questioned her when she saw a cheque issued in the name of Akash Chatterjee in his house. Watch how he mocks Mukta.

After getting a phone call from Anita, about a ceremony organized in the memory of Shraddha, Mukta decides to visit Shradda’s house in search of some clue. After reaching there, Mukta gets an opportunity to sneak inside Shraddha’s room and finds a letter, which reveals that Vishnu’s real name is Akash. 

While everyone in the house is busy with Meethi’s wedding preparations, Mukta makes an excuse and leaves for Satara. Watch how? On her way to Satara, Mukta gets a call from Tapasya. She instructs Mukta to reach faster and bring Meethi’s wedding dress along. Mukta tells her that she would be late and disconnects the call. 

Both Bundela and Thakur families are enjoying the wedding preparations, when Mai comes and taunts Damini about how she and her daughter hid the truth from them for so many years. Divya takes a stand for Damini and shuts her up. After they leave the house, Vishnu comes to visit Iccha and instigates her against Mukta. Meethi also reacts and thinks that Mukta is doing everything knowingly. 

In Satara, Mukta waits for the real Vishnu for a long time, but when he doesn’t come, she decides to leave but before leaving she gives her phone number to a lady constable and asks her to pass it on to Vishnu whenever he comes. Mukta rushes back and catches a bus, but to her bad luck, the bus’s tyre gets punctured. Watch the video!

While Mukta is struggling to get to the truth in time, the situation is going against her. Will she be able to succeed in her mission to reveal Vishnu’s real identity? Will Meethi be able to forgive Mukta? We will tell you very soon!


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