Must Read: Swami Om’s Punishment On Weekend Ka Vaar In The Bigg Boss 10 House!
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  • December 24, 2016
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In a surprising twist Mr. Salman Khan asks Manveer Gurjar in the house to bring a 'Gamcha' (towel) and asks whether it's clean or no, on latter's response of it being clean Salman says it should have been dirty! Then asks him to use it for covering Swami Om's mouth! Oh, so quite clearly Salman kept a close watch on Swami's actions in the Bigg Boss House and mentions about his talking rubbish most of the times. The reason is to make him quite so that he could just listen this time.




The Housemates in Salman's support also bring certain concerns related to Swami Om, in fact Manu comments  saying he is mentally unwell and that's why he speaks nonsense most of the times.

What will be the further reaction of Salman on this? Will Swami Om be able to justify himself?

To know everything watch the episode tonight at 9 PM!

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