Nabeel wins the SurKshetra title!
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  • December 30, 2012
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The SurKshetra battle that started in September has finally ended, and Nabeel has walked away with the SurKshetra title! Nabeel, the young singer from Pakistan, staved off competition from Indian contestant Diljaan to take home the trophy.

The SurKshetra Grand Finale was a massive event organized in Dubai. All the eliminated contestants who were part of the SurKshetra journey, like Aman, Indrani and Budhaditya from India and Imraan, Ameer and Nadeem from Pakistan also attended the show, and performed too. The 'sapt-sur', or the 7 judges who had selected the 4 finalists, presided over the proceedings.

But the main agenda of the day was to choose winner. First, the finalists Yashraaj, Diljaan, Mulazim and Nabeel had to compete with their own teammates to go to the enxt round. Diljaan and Nabeel were victorious and progressed to the next round.

Here, they had to sing three genres of songs- classical, Western and party numbers, and the jury was to decide who was more deserving of the title. Diljaan tried to come out of his comfort zone by singing 'Saddi Gali' and 'Jugni' but he was clearly overshadowed by Nabeel, who rocked the stage with songs like 'Chinta Ta Chita' and 'Ainvayi Ainvayi'. 

In the end, in the presence of all those who mattered in SurKshetra, Nabeel made Pakistan proud by taking home the SurKshetra trophy. Indian Captain Himesh wasn't too happy to see Diljaan lose, but a proud Atif hugged Nabeel after he won. Nabeel won a brand new bike, as well as a special winner's jacket studded with real gold buttons.

So SurKshetra, that started off with a promise to choose the best singer in India and Pakistan, culminated with Nabeel's historic win. That is what we call the victory of music!

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