Nirahua’s journey ends mid-week in Bigg Boss 6
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  • December 12, 2012
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And, when he was offered another chance to play the game, Nirahua’s excitement knew no bounds when he finally opened his eyes in the Padosi house. For him, it was more of a home coming in the Bigg Boss house than cribbing about how he will survive in a house with minimum necessities. Seeing Aashka back, he was more than joyous but in just a couple of days he saw something he never expected to see. Imam’s midnight drama took him by surprise, but he ensured not to succumb. When it was time for Imam to be back, he stood firm with the support of Vrajesh and Santosh and ensured that Imam does not do anything undue. Post his re-entry in the modern house, his closest associate – Sapna, was the happiest to see him back. He ensured not to pick up undue fights with anyone in the house, but at the same time show it to the world that he is definitely not a person to mess with. Each time Imam tried his antics, Nirahua was ready to fight against him.

Commenting on his exit, Nirahua said, “This was my first chance ever to portray my own character, which I do not get to in the films I do. It was great to be back, and I am glad I am walking out with the same image that I walked in with. I will definitely miss the house and all the contestants, but Sapna and Santosh will be my most missed co-contestants.”

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