One problem follows the other for Sooraj on Udann
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  • February 11, 2017
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We saw last on Udann how Chakor and Sooraj struggle with bitter cold and other things inside the well, when Vivaan gets to know about the same he quickly decides to come to their rescue with the help of Chakor’s parents. Bhaiyyaji’s person even tries to stop him doing so, but Vivaan warns him. Sooraj, who was already drained and weak, runs down with high fever. He almost collapses once taken out from the well as his health deteriorates further.

Bhaiyyaji gets to know about all these happenings, but he doesn’t react much. He thinks of something else in the meanwhile, which could make things even more difficult for Sooraj after he is rescued.





Bhaiyyaji’s people drag Sooraj out of the place and tell Chakor he has been called by him. Chakor feels helpless but thinks for the sake of Sooraj’s life she will have to be quite tactful and use the ways which will make it a win-win situation.





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