Parichay ends on a happy note! # Weekly Update 11th March – 15th March
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Last week was quite eventful in Parichay. After frequent encounters with Ansu Tai, Kunal takes her along to Aman Kumar’s house, where the film star tries to bribe Ajju Tai to take her case back. Ajju Tai declines the offer by saying that nobody can put a price tag to her son’s dead body.

When Siddhi gets to know about what Kunal is up to, she rushes to Aman Kumar’s residence and challenges him. Kunal confronts Siddhi and says that she can’t fight against her husband. But, Siddhi tells him that she will be fighting against Aman Kumar’s lawyer not her husband.

Back home, when everyone gets to know about Siddhi and Kunal locking horns in the court, everybody supports Siddhi and jeers Kunal’s efforts.

Kunal discusses the case with Mukherjee, when Mukherjee tries to prick Kunal’s conscience by telling him that he should have supported Ajju tai. Kunal shuts him up and asks him to work towards the evidences.

Post this,  Kunal and Siddhi meet each other at the court. Kunal begins first and starts defending Aman Kumar and presents his evidences. Siddhi raises an objection and calls for Ajju Tai. After several arguments Siddhi reveals that Aman Kumar is undergoing anger management treatment. This leaves Amam Kumar even more frustrated.

Next day, while Siddhi is sitting at the breakfast table with everyone, Siddhi gets a parcel and everybody gets shocked to see Anokhi’s inappropriate pictures along with a note asking her to withdraw the case or he will upload the picture on internet.

Aman Kumar expresses his dissatisfaction with the way the case is shaping-up. Kunal confirms that only he is going to win the case, by proving that Aman is not going through any treatment. Aman Kumar feels convinced when his assistant comes and tells everyone that Siddhi won’t fight this case.

While enquiring about the person who clicked Anokhi’s pictures, Siddhi gets a call. Next day Siddhi reaches the court and reports of threat. She calls Aman Kumar’s assistant’s wife in the court as evidence, who reveals that her husband had saved the pictures to blackmail Siddhi. Aman Kumar’s assistant confesses his crime and also speaks the truth out.

Listening to the truth the court declares Aman guilty and he is taken into custody. Everybody congratulates Siddhi. After they reach home, Siddhi reveals that it was Kunal’s plan to take Aman Kumar into confidence and share all the information with her. She says that it was Kunal who was fighting for Ajju Tai and not her. Veena regrets doubting her son and apologizes to him.

Not only this but Kunal also files a defamation case against Aman Kumar for misusing Anokhi’s pictures and demands six crore rupees.

Next morning everybody get ready to go to the airport to receive Andy and Anand. When they return home, they find the house ran-sacked.  Veena gets shocked and starts mourning when Raveena comes and takes everybody to her house on the pretext of complaining the theft. When they reach Veena and Raj get surprised to see Kunal and Siddhi in front of the same building they used to stay long time back.

Kunal tells everyone that he has bought their old house back and now everyone will live in this house together. Seema and Siddhi make Veena do the grihapravesh as the whole family gets emotional.

Finally the story of Kunal Chopra’s struggle meets its happy end. But, Parichay’s end marks the beginning of Gurbani’s story of love and struggle. Tune in from Mon-Fri at 10.30pm to catch Bani- Ishq da Kalma.

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